Another year is almost gone, time flies fast. Next week will bring year 2020, new ideas, goals, resolutions, opportunities and more.

Every year we list our new year’s goals, resolutions, wishes and aspirations.

However, we fail to achieve some of the resolutions

Here is a list of top 12 new year resolutions & ideas in 2020

Spend less time on Smart Phones


Source: Statistica

According to research there are 3.2 billion* smart phone users in 2019.

This figure will keep rising. We are depending more and more on technology around us.

In 2020, try to spend less time on your smart phone. We are all professionals, students or retired people. At least we can try to limit phone usage at home.

Instead, spend more time with your friends, family.

Companies and apps have introduced features to track time spent on smart phones.

Live Healthy


Health is wealth. Weather your goal is to lose weight or build muscle.

This year strive to live more healthy.

This includes changing our day to day eating and lifestyle habits

We are essentially what we eat. While Buying food, grocery and vitamins, look at the ingredient labels.

Try to skip foods and drinks with unfamiliar, unhealthy ingredients

Relieve Stress


Everyone in their life experiences stress (temporary or constant) at some point.

But, stress (anxiety, depression) affects people worldwide in alarming way

This year, take measures to relieve stress. Spend more time with friends & family.

If something bothers you, share it with your close loved ones

Regularly exercise, walk, game, take leisure trips or meditate (deep breathing) for mental health

Love Yourself


This year love and care for yourself more. No matter who we are, we just live one life.

You should appreciate and commend yourself on every little achievement.

Sometimes thing don’t workout as planned, just give yourself a break.

You are a human being too.

Above all, believe in yourself, keep trying even if you fail. Failure will teach you the way to success

Get rid of Distractions


This year stay more focused and less distracted.

As we are more dependent on technology, one gets easily distracted.

These include unnecessary social media notifications, spam emails and Youtube videos.

If you learn to cut these distractions, you can save more time and be more productive.

Learn New Skills


Learn new skills related to your interests, education, industry and advance.

With popular online course resources like Linkedin Learning, Udemy, Skillshare, Treehouse and Coursera etc. its easy to learn new skills.

According to research by Harvard business review, education and learning adds to a person’s lifespan

Learning a new skill is helpful if you want to start a side hustle after work

Read Books


Honestly when was the last time you read a book, back in school (I guess).

With advancement in technology we are shunning books.

Present generation spends more time on social media than books.

People and writers express their ideas and life experience in books.

This hobby doesn’t take away anything but instead, gives knowledge and satisfaction

There are books on every subject imaginable. You can pick any genre, subject or writer that interests you

Earn & Save More


“Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving.”
Warren Buffett

With rising inflation and cost of living, it’s a good idea to earn more.

Its easier said than done, but you can earn more only with working hard

Companies and brand advertisements provoke customers to buy their products.

But, should you buy something you don’t need?

If your phone or TV are working fine, you may not need to replace them anytime soon.

Save that money for something more important and useful.

Be content & happy


Contentment is to be satisfied and happy in your current state

Its human nature to wish for more. The “more” keeps getting bigger with time.

When trying to be content, stop comparing yourself with others.

We don’t know about their past struggles that lead to present success

Fill a glass half with water. Some people will think half glass is empty, others think half glass has water, its their perception.

Accept yourself of what you truly are, don’t worry what others think about you.

Try to appreciate, be grateful with every little facility and opportunity you currently have.

Promote, Market & Grow Your Business / Personal Brand


Last year, business and brands did more digital marketing than print

Hopefully 2020 will bring more opportunities for marketing and personal growth

Whether you are a business or brand, embrace digital marketing to reach online audience.

A business website and content marketing on social media channels can help grow your business

Shun Any Social Media Wave or Viral Trend


Want to try Tide pod challenge anyone, no thank you

You have seen people try ice bucket, bottle cap or Tide pod challenges.

I’ve seen people saying they quit their high paying job for no reason.

You don’t have to follow, imitate other people and influencers

My teacher used to say, if sheep or people start jumping off the cliff, will you follow them, hell no.

This year be safe, and avoid being part of strange or dangerous social media trend.

Do Something Different, Give Back (If Possible)


Ask yourself, what meaningful, positive goal, desire or dream you couldn’t achieve in previous years. Try to do it in 2020.

“We think that’s a basic responsibility of anyone with a lot of money. Once you’ve taken care of yourself and your children, the best use of extra wealth is to give it back to society.”

Bill Gates

There are millions of people, that could be in worst known living conditions

Charity, volunteering or community service can be very satisfying


I hope you find this list helpful for your new year 2020 resolutions

These are just some ideas, you can think of anything that suits you

At this point don’t think that you may fail to achieve your goals half way through.

Don’t be afraid of failure, keep trying and you will achieve your goals

So, tell me are you interested in any of these new year resolution ideas.


“Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear”.



Wishing everyone good health, happiness and success in 2020


Pictures and photos are from Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels